Healing Therapy Session

A combined Medical Qigong/Korean Hand Therapy consultation can last for around 1 hour 30 min (but can take longer dependant on what is required).

Therapies would follow the format below:

  1. The healer would complete a questionnaire/talk to the client to ascertain the problem area and find out exactly what the problem is i.e. back, shoulder, neck pain, tension, stress, stomach problem.
  2. The appropriate healing protocols would be implemented dependent on the therapy being performed.
  3. At this point the healer would ask for feedback from the client for signs of any feeling in the area i.e. Pain in specific areas, getting hot or cold, tingling or throbbing etc. (dependent on the technique being performed).


Most people can feel the Qi (energy) working but not everyone, this does not mean the healing is not taking place it just means that the client can’t feel it happening.

Medical Qigong & Korean Hand Therapy can help relieve a number of conditions including but not limited to the following:

Pain from:
Arthritis, Joints, Migraine, Muscles, Sprains

Symptoms of:
Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Insomnia, Stress