Qigong Information

The teaching and learning of Qigong (also pronounced Chi Kung) should be looked on as a gift and privilege as Qigong is an ancient and very powerful healing system which is the grandfather of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi & Reiki.
Qi and the meridians it flows through are now beginning to be recognised by western medicine thanks to things like Acupuncture & Acupressure.

Qi means energy yinyang Gong means work

Qi is made up of Yin (left hand, female) and Yang (right hand, male).
All things have Qi, you can live for 3 days without water but you can’t live for 3 seconds without Qi.
The slow deliberate exercises increase & release the positive healing (good) Qi allowing it to flow along the meridians in the body whilst decreasing the negative (bad) Qi.

Simple movements combined with breathing and concentration techniques remove blocks which cause stagnant (bad) Qi & increases the flow of positive (good) Qi around the body.

When Qi flows freely the body is full of vitality & energy, blockages cause illness. Qigong releases the blockages and allows Qi to flow freely to heal the inside & the outside of the body.

Your mind & body should be in harmony leading to a more fulfilling and energised life.

Negative thinking, poor diet, pollution & injury all damage your Qi and your Qi reserves get drained, even with low levels of Qi most of us try to carry on life at the same rate.

Qigong will teach you how to restore your stocks of Qi and increase your natural rhythm of Yin & Yang.